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Western Kentucky Math Science Partnership


The Western Kentucky Math Science Partnership (WKYMSP) is a Start-Partnership comprised of core partners Western Kentucky University, as the lead, three regional campus'-Elizabethtown, Glasgow, and Owensboro-, Hopkinsville Community College, Bowling Green Community College, the Greater River Regional Educational Cooperative (GRREC), Christian County Public Schools, and Hart County Schools. The intent of this proposal is to establish an expanded Partnership to address the documented state, local and national challenge of improving teaching and learning in middle school to insure access to and success of ALL students in rigorous high school mathematics and science.

The WKYMSP employs an evidence-based problem-solving process to collect and analyze data directly related to: declining mathematics and science scores of middle school students; systematic STEM and Education faculty-school practitioner engagement in inquiry related to the problem; consideration of research-based solutions and planning school curriculum; and instructional and professional development strategies to be implemented and tested for measurable results. The project work includes an effort to increase the diversity of the teaching force.

Two key action groups in this process are the 200 teachers of middle grades mathematics and science, along with their Partnership middle schools, and twenty-five mathematics, science and education faculty members from the six partner postsecondary institutions. These faculty members will be trained as participant facilitators to interact with teachers of middle grade mathematics and science, school leaders, and parents on data collection, data interpretation, strategic planning, and pilot testing of some identified implementation design strategies. This process will be supported by a four-person Management Team, a three-person university Data Team, a ten member STEM/ED/school practitioner Work Groups, and a ten member Advisory Board representing key partnership role groups and mathematics and science experts.

An external evaluator will collect and analyze data on the engagement and interaction of partner groups in the establishment of the new targeted partnership and development of solutions to declining mathematics and science scores of middle school students.